Saturday, December 14, 2013

Where you gonna sleep tonight?

 This editorial in Glamour UK, January 2014 s'called 'It's a day night mash-up'.
I like different fabrics mixup up together, like wearing a soft sweatshirt upon a silk skirt. Cold and warm feelings on your skin, a little sensation.
But maybe this is secretley also about some wild weekend adventure. Like waking up on the couch of someone you don't even know their name of. Or waking up with the clothes of a last night party, mixed up with a shirt of someone unknown. Because it was getting cold outside while you were waiting outside the pub for some stranger to give you a lift on the backseat of his bike to the next stop.
That's why I also putted some couches in this story.
xx Emilie
And you're singing the song thinking this is the life.
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size.
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go.
Where you gonna sleep tonight?
Lyrics: Amy Macdonald: This is the life
Shot by Daniel Thomas Smith for Uk Glamour, January 2014.

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