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Where does she come from?

Imagine you are on a holiday making a stop at a gas station. You see someone stepping out of another car. Or you pass a stranger grabing for a bottle of water. A few minutes later you are both going your own journey again. But you can't stop guessing about this stranger. You keep asking yourself.
Where do they live? Where are they born? This posts is about people you keep wondering about. Because they have something special. Starring Cara Delevingne, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Cynthia Dicker, Angelina Jolie, Rosie Tupper, Marion Cottilard and the number one girl in mystery: Natalia Vodianova.
xx Emilie
 You're so hypnotizing 
Could you be the devil 
Could you be an angel 
Your touch magnetizing 
They say be afraid 
You're not like the others 
Futuristic lover 
Different DNA 
They don't understand you 
You're from a whole other world 
A different dimension 
You open my eyes 
And I'm ready to go 
Lead me into the light 
Infect me with your love and 
Fill me with your poison 
Your so supersonic 
Wanna feel your powers 
Stun me with your lasers 
Every move is magic 
You're from a whole other world 
A different dimension 
You open my eyes 
And I'm ready to go 
Lead me into the light 
This is transcendental 
On another level 
Lyrics: Katy Perry-ET
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Friday, February 21, 2014

DayDream // Wildfox

One of my favourite Wildfox shoots ever, starring Amanda Booth..
Dream along..
xx Emilie

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meet you there // Erin Heatherton

One of my favourite models: Erin Heatherton. Posing for James Nelson.
I'm intrigued by the way her hair looks. And the way it suits her. This is the look I try to prevent on holidays. But of cours she can have it all.
Love the images of her with the sand on her body.
xx Emilie

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Camping Grown Ups // This is what it feels like

After 2 years of Hola Bola Babes I wanted to go back to the first essence of my blog. The Camping Grown Ups.
Those are the images that can tell you the really best about the feelings I have about living 'the good life' including a lot of memories from the camping during summertimes in France.
xx Emilie

Sunday, February 16, 2014

An air of mystery // Marine Vacth

Another Frenchy!
After watching La Vie D'Adele yesterday night, I was in the mood to find some new French women for content.
Marine Vacth (9 April 1991) began her modeling career at the age of fifteen and started acting at twenty. She played Tessa in Cédric Klapisch's movie Ma part du gâteau. In 2011 she succeeded Kate Moss as the face for Yves Saint Laurent perfumes and the Chloé brand. (Wiki)
Njoy xx Emilie

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And baby I'll rule // Cara @ Vogue Brasil

The colors in this editorial are incredible fresh, fruity, fresh. Like every part of it is an open color can of paint.
xx Emilie

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Never sleep again..

Because I really like planning nice events during the year, I like to give you some sneeks inside my life.
Hereby some Hola Bola Babes events compilation!
Have a fabulous day!
xx Emilie
Are you getting into the right mood?
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