Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The best of Hola Bola Babes 2013!

Good morning!
With this video I'd like to thank you for visiting Hola Bola Babes.
You'll look back, only at the very best of Hola Bola Babes 2013.
Never stop watching, liking, dreaming, adoring, admiring, loving and caring. I wish all the best for you and hope that your dreams will come true in 2014.

HAVE A GREAT NYE AND A HAPPY 2014 (My lucky number 14)
xx Emilie

Do I see you here in the new year?
Hola Bola Babes exists because of you.
Thank you.
xx Love

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Puzzle me // Vogue Australia January '14

I admire people who can go to a vintage shop and mix up some new pieces of clothes with their own collection, who has also a lot of vintage pieces in it. When I try doing that, I look kind of weird.
The combinations that are set up in this editorial in Vogue Australia 2014, look really unique. And because I'm definately not a pro stylist in mixing really different styles up I know the stylist must be really talented. Because it's not easy. Although it looks like the outfits are mixed so easily.
xx Emilie
There it is, I can see.
The little picture perfect me.
I have tried, using force.
But it always ends up tragically. 
So I stay the way I am.
Just a crooked little outline.
I'm whole, then not, and back again.
Wondering when I'll ever find.
Someone who will take the time.
Lyrics: Ilse de Lange - Puzzle me
Josefien Rodermans By Victor Demarchelier For Vogue Australia January 2014

Monday, December 23, 2013

Krazy Kat // Russh Magazine

Frida is as beautiful herself as the dreamy and bright light in this editorial of Russh Magazine '14.
I was hesitating posting this one, because it is winter in The Netherlands. This has absolutely nothing to do with my view outside my window at home. But maybe that is the reason I need this escape. Brighten up! The Winter blues has left.
I've also made a Hola Bola Babes video I shot in Leeuwarden, a city in The Netherlands. And I thought it fits perfectly in. The lyrics are from 'The Annotated' and look like they are written for this shoot. Or the other way around.
xx Emilie
Look for a while at the China Cat Sunflower
proud-walking jingle in the midnight sun
Copper-dome Bodhi drip a silver kimono
like a crazy-quilt stargown 
through a dream night wind
Krazy Kat peeking through a lace bandana
like a one-eyed Cheshire
like a diamond-eye Jack
A leaf of all colors plays
a golden string fiddle
to a double-e waterfall over my back
Comic book colors on a violin river
crying Leonardo words 
from out a silk trombone
I rang a silent bell
beneath a shower of pearls
in the eagle wing palace
of the Queen Chinee
Lyrics: The Annotaded-China Cat Sunflower
 Frida Aasen by Hugh Lippe for Russh December/January 2013-2014

Art meets mind

'Find the ways in which you keep pressing the “Pause” button on life because you want it to stop, for just a second, so you can wait, stop, reflect, get things “right.”  Then get your mental finger off that button, and let life wash over you.  It should make your toes tingle.'

Friday, December 20, 2013

I say them anyway // Marie Claire January 2014

I keep on wondering what is exact the unique attitude this girl is setting in this editorial. And again I'm not guessing about the clothes, but about the atmosphere and the ambiance I'm intrigued by.
I think it's the high class she shows in combination with the loose style. She can be a business woman. But a leading lady who surfs, and make fun with her kids (for instance). She is the funny 'guy' at a party. But she can suit stiletto's also.
I was also thinking about what she would have been looked like when she was a teenager. Or even younger. And I've found some Sally Mann photography who I think can represent her attitude.
The work of Sally Mann makes commotion. Some people think it has something wrong in it because of young kids being naked in the photos. I'm still not 100% sure honestly, but my feeling is that it is just some 'camping grown up' stuff. Arty pics with permission of their parents.
xx Emilie
Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say.
I'll go ahead and say them anyway.
Lyrics: Lily Allen: Hard out here
Ali Stephens shot by David Gubert for Marie Claire Australia January 2014
Sorry, I'm not into smoking, but I hope/guess she's just doing some 'cool' theatre..
3 photos: Sally Mann

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Still in love with the moving gif interchange images....
Give it a shot on google ;)
You'll love it..
xx Emilie

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Where you gonna sleep tonight?

 This editorial in Glamour UK, January 2014 s'called 'It's a day night mash-up'.
I like different fabrics mixup up together, like wearing a soft sweatshirt upon a silk skirt. Cold and warm feelings on your skin, a little sensation.
But maybe this is secretley also about some wild weekend adventure. Like waking up on the couch of someone you don't even know their name of. Or waking up with the clothes of a last night party, mixed up with a shirt of someone unknown. Because it was getting cold outside while you were waiting outside the pub for some stranger to give you a lift on the backseat of his bike to the next stop.
That's why I also putted some couches in this story.
xx Emilie
And you're singing the song thinking this is the life.
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size.
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go.
Where you gonna sleep tonight?
Lyrics: Amy Macdonald: This is the life
Shot by Daniel Thomas Smith for Uk Glamour, January 2014.