Friday, December 20, 2013

I say them anyway // Marie Claire January 2014

I keep on wondering what is exact the unique attitude this girl is setting in this editorial. And again I'm not guessing about the clothes, but about the atmosphere and the ambiance I'm intrigued by.
I think it's the high class she shows in combination with the loose style. She can be a business woman. But a leading lady who surfs, and make fun with her kids (for instance). She is the funny 'guy' at a party. But she can suit stiletto's also.
I was also thinking about what she would have been looked like when she was a teenager. Or even younger. And I've found some Sally Mann photography who I think can represent her attitude.
The work of Sally Mann makes commotion. Some people think it has something wrong in it because of young kids being naked in the photos. I'm still not 100% sure honestly, but my feeling is that it is just some 'camping grown up' stuff. Arty pics with permission of their parents.
xx Emilie
Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say.
I'll go ahead and say them anyway.
Lyrics: Lily Allen: Hard out here
Ali Stephens shot by David Gubert for Marie Claire Australia January 2014
Sorry, I'm not into smoking, but I hope/guess she's just doing some 'cool' theatre..
3 photos: Sally Mann

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