Sunday, December 8, 2013

Drop in, pull in, kick out!

When I was like fifteen years old my fascination for surfers started. It was not only the sport I was intrigued by, it was more the look and feel around the lifestyle. Billabong, Quicksilver, Reef Brasil, Brunotti and O'Neill. The girls in the commercials and campaigns looked so happy and free. I think it was the time I started to take life a little bit more serious. Maybe more than I wanted. So having a look at those lifestyles brought me some escapes. And secretely I wanted to be part of it. It was the reason that I had my intershipduring my fashion study at Brunotti, a board sport brand. I got in touch with the really cute girl and boy riders, and my fascination never stopped.
By posting this new entry I like to share the feeling that the lifestyle can give you.
I'm curious to your feelings as well. So please tell me your experiences. And don't forget the amazingly beautiful video with a translation of this style in video cuts, a girl named 'Katie van Daalen Wetters' made. Just found today on the net.
xx Emilie
Someone said that "only a surfer knows the feeling". With "no waves, no glory" and "drugs, no thanks I'm a surfer". All we know is "when in doubt, paddle out". For some, "life's a beach", for others, "life's a wave". Someone said "work is for people that don't surf". We might agree and "if it swells, ride it".
Katie van Daalen Wetters cuts videos and makes new ones with those amazing atmospheres. Watch it in the morning, in the evening, every time. Also starring Lindsey Wixon, who is teasing the camera on a shoot.
In crowded surfing days, "if in doubt, paddle out". That might be the only wave available. In big days, "Eddie would go" and he would certainly keep saying "just one more". "I surf because...", I believe "surfing is life, the rest is details". Surfing has several rules, too. When "surf's up", you'll simply "drop in, pull in, kick out".
Robin Waters photography: 1,4,6,10,19,24,25,32
O'Neill: 21, 26
Nirrimi: 33
Sea Scaped: video
Surfer Today: quotes

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