Sunday, December 29, 2013

Puzzle me // Vogue Australia January '14

I admire people who can go to a vintage shop and mix up some new pieces of clothes with their own collection, who has also a lot of vintage pieces in it. When I try doing that, I look kind of weird.
The combinations that are set up in this editorial in Vogue Australia 2014, look really unique. And because I'm definately not a pro stylist in mixing really different styles up I know the stylist must be really talented. Because it's not easy. Although it looks like the outfits are mixed so easily.
xx Emilie
There it is, I can see.
The little picture perfect me.
I have tried, using force.
But it always ends up tragically. 
So I stay the way I am.
Just a crooked little outline.
I'm whole, then not, and back again.
Wondering when I'll ever find.
Someone who will take the time.
Lyrics: Ilse de Lange - Puzzle me
Josefien Rodermans By Victor Demarchelier For Vogue Australia January 2014

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