Monday, December 2, 2013

The Princess and the Pea

A modern fairytale..
Yes, the pea under all those mattresses was a test to find out if the woman who showed up that rainy night really was a princess as she claimed. And trust me, the kind of princess I am talking about is the kind you want to be.  The kind who is in line to be queen of her own life and heart.  The kind who knows herself, and honors herself, and lives in her true power.  Not a harsh ruler, but a wildflower, growing where and as she was meant to…free. This is what it takes to be free.  And freedom to be your true self is worth any price, and in the end costs you nothing.
*Jennifer Posada*
2: A mystery.. sorry, but I like the image so much..
3: Cinemagraphs

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