Tuesday, April 30, 2013

High Tea with Emilie

Why not skip those tiny little cute shops nowadays and make something by yourself?
I really adored making those High Tea furniture from tableware I've found on the flea market. Hope you like it.
Bisou, Emilie

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sun Needs You by Maria Petri

 Waking up in the morning with the sounds of rain en the dark of the night that hasn't left yet. Going on your way to work with your wool coat and gloves on. At the end of the day catching some light with your Philips Eenergy Light. Sorry, I know winter has its charm (christmas, fireplaces, making snowmens, snowboarding, having chocolate fondue with your friends)  but those days are over! Welcome Spring. Celebrate your best friend; Soleil! Starring Nina & Krista. Shot by Maria Petri for Fashion Gone Rogue.
And if you only knew
 Just how much the sun needs you
To help him light the sky
You will be surprised
Armin van Buuren - Light the skies

Photography: Maria Petri
Styling: Danai Simou
Make-up: Frantzeska Koukoula & Hair: InBerlin
Models: Nina & Krista