Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retro Sensual - D La Repubblica November 2013

Feeling hunger and cold, feeling. Food, feeling fire, feeling. Pity and pain, tasting. Time in a kiss, tasting. Anger and tears, touching. Eyelids with lips, touching. Plague, touching flesh, knowing. Blood in the mouth, knowing Laughter like flame, holding. Pickaxe and pen, holding. Death in the hand, hearing. Boilers and bells, hearing. Birds, hearing hail, smelling. Cedar and sweat, smelling. Petrol and sea, feeling. Hunger and cold, feeling. Food, feeling fire. Feeling. 'Somewhere only we know.' Sibui Nazarenko shot by Max Cardelli For D La Repubblica 16th November 2013 
via Visual Optimism / Poem: Kenneth Slessor
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