Thursday, March 7, 2013

Maison Scotch avec un Grand Dessert

Is it actually possible to be a fan of a fashion brand? Or is the concept 'fan' for celebrities and popstars? I think I'm a fan of the campaigns and lookbooks of Maison Scotch. Oke, I'm a fan of their clothes too. Actually there is a shop in 50 meters from my house where I can buy the whole new collection ss13, if I have enough money of course. But I's a huge temptation. And the way they make you feel with their adoring campaigns, almost like you go immediately on a trip when you will wear it. Because of my fascination of Hola Bola Babe 'Camping Grown Ups' it's even harder.
More to stay in the right mood!
Breakfast? A happy day guaranteed..
 Parov Stelar - Catgroove
Elle est dans ma tête,
Elle ne m'abandonne jamais,
Je la trouve encore plus belle quand elle s'habille en reggae,
Elle me suit, à chaque voyage loin d'ici,
Elle est, ma lady melody,

Avec elle je fly away,
Tu vois comme un oiseau là-haut je fly away,
Quand j'entends sa melody je fly away,
Il n'y a quelle qui me comprenne je fly away,
Elle me donne le fire et je fly away,
J'évite les failles de la vie et je fly away,
Tu vois comme un oiseau, là-haut je fly away,
Comme un oiseau qui plane et je fly là-haut, tout là-haut,

Ouh ouh ouh ouh
Tom Frager- Lady Melody
 Camping Grown Up
 Daphne Groeneveld
 I never ever ask where do you go
I never ever ask what do you doI never ever ask whats in your mind
I never ever ask if you’ll be mine
Come and smile don’t be shy
Touch my bum this is life
Lyrics: Cheeky Girls -Cheeky song
 Tom Frager - Lady Melody

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