Sunday, April 1, 2012

Belles Camping Grown Ups ♥

2x  Margaux Lonnberg

Take me wandering through these streets
Where bright lights and angels meet
Stone to stone they take me on
I'm walking 'til the break of dawn
Paolo Nutini - New Shoes

3x  "Boneyard Misfits" 
Photography: Nat Lanyon 
Models: Yoanna Clifton & Anna Gibbs  
Stylist: Mandy Shadforth @ Oracle Fox 
Make-up: Prue Edwards
 Vogue Hommes International SS 2012 
"Paradis Blanc" 
Model: Anna Selezneva 
Photographer: David Ballemere 
Stylist: Geraldine Saglio
 Model: Kasia Struss

3x Screenshot Adrift (movie)

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