Saturday, May 10, 2014

Orgasm Milkshake // Margriet Smulders

I'm deeply in love with artist Margriet Smulders her work.. It makes me hungry, adoring, thirsty and I absolutely want to swim in her paintings. Like it's a better place on earth with thousands of great tasting milkshakes. She uses really unique materials in her work like milk. At the end of the stills she makes a picture of it.
Margriet Smulders is a Dutch artist located in Nijmegen. The city of my birth.
Because I always have  lot of asscociates I've coupled up the images of Margriet (the artist) with other images I've found around.
Njoy, and don't complain about being thirsty after ;)
xx Emilie

Margriet about her work:
'You can see a whole world in my flowers. Lush and strangely erotic tableaux entice you into another dimension. Huge mirrors, elaborate glass vases, rich draperies, fruit and cut blooms are used to make these 'paintings'.
There's a place that I go
That nobody knows
Where the rivers flow

I got a love, and I know that it's all mine

Art images by artist Margriet Smulders
2, 4, 6: 
Behind-the-scenes photos
Model: Charlotte Free
Via: The Electric
Other images: unknown
Lyrics: Natasha Bedingfield - Pocket full of sunshine

xx Emilie

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