Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh my Rosie! Vogue Germany June 2014

I'm a big fan of David Hamilton his photography. That is why I am always a bit looking for images that have a little David Hamilton touch. Never cheap, always stylish, sensual and tasteful. What is often still difficult in this world where everything has a little too fast a polished look because of all the technics that are possible. That is why I am so joyful that Rosie has been photographed by the amazing Camilla Akrans. She is also a really good 'camping grown up' shooter. 
Njoy and please give me your opinion.
xx Emilie
Ah, if there's a cure for this
I don't want it
Don't want it
If there's a remedy
I'll run from it, from it
I've got the sweetest hangover
I don't wanna get over
Sweetest hangover
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shot by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany June 2014
Via: Visual Optimism
Lyrics: Diana Ross-Love Hangover



  1. Love the photography. They capture sensuality while maintaing some mystery. Risqué but not dirty.

    1. Thanks Eva for your vision! Have a lovely day xx Emilie

  2. Ziet er goed uit!

    Bedankt nog voor het nemen van een kijkje ! =)

  3. Oh I love Camilla Akrans, and I'm with you, the touch of David Hamilton is an amazing thing. Rosie is perfect for these pics, she has such a classical and delicate beauty, I love her. Really great soft lights and clothes in here. This has to be my favorite from the shoot, the rose, her gesture, everything is perfect:

    Kisses Emilie,


    1. Thanks Mara, I love the turquoise one too. Miss Rosie perfect.
      One day I wanna shoot like that @:-)