Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'70s Now & Then

It started with a movie (Flashbacks of a fool), and an obsession for the soundtrack (by Roxy Music) and a Girl Crush for the female actress (Felicity Jones). After that a view in my dad's bookcase (Dylan, Bowie). It became a longer story about a certain  style, the 70's. And I totally lost myself in it. And from several places I found photos who told this story further. I always like to find some comeback illustrations for the year we really live in. How do we still find the 70's in 2013... But most of all just be entertained by photography and style without any words.. Hope you will find your way on my blog. Thanks for visiting! 
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Bisou, Emilie
'Flasbacks of a fool' captured my attention because of the styling, the smooth atmosphere with the shots on the British beach and the beautiful Felicity Jones.. This sceneshot when they are laying on the carpet is filled with romance and physical attraction. Almost an appetite for your senses from a distance. 
I would walk a thousand miles reveal my secrets.
I would swim all the oceans blue.
I would do anything for you. I would walk mountains.
David Bowie
Brigitte Bardot & Jane Birkin
Felicity Jones
The Sweet
My Dad's Bookcase & LP's 

Felicity Jones, from the movie
3x Wes Gordon Collection

 Handcrafted collars of Kaia Peterka in collaboration with stylist Sara Cooper 

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Bisou, Emilie


My friend Mara has the amazing blog 'The Daughter of the Soho Riots' with her friend Esther. She posted an adorable piece about Rock & Roll during the '70's. The Daughter of the Soho Riots gives me those total virtual experciences through the '70's. I think we have a great match because I also took the '70's as a concept. Although I visit her blog every week and lose myself in her stories time after time..


  1. Love it! Really beautiful and inspirational post as always ;)

  2. Characteristic balance and creative sense for what defines a style