Thursday, September 13, 2012

Festival Outfit Inspo / Moi

Summer is ending in The Netherlands. It's a pitty that I can't control the seasons. Last weekend I went to a Dutch festival. So for the last time this season, please hold on to the festival vibes and atmosphere, and the cuty pie outfits! And for you I hope you live somewhere around the world where fall and winter hardly come..
Bisou, Emilie

EXTRA snapshots
Dutch Festival into the woods - September 2012

baby won't you come with me
there's someplace that i wanna be
help me out by holding onto my hand
the stars are out, the crowd's thinned out
walk with me down to the water
and the horizon will be the only thing we'll see

all the neon, the phosphorescence
it can't be serious right now

we roll our jeans up, wade out a little
splash around to make the colors grow

ah ah
Family of the year - Chugjug

Moi on the right
The best thing to do with your friends, eating pancakes@ Festivals!!
I don't wanna go home!

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