Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anya Sarre for Hola Bola Babes

Photo: Free People lookbook

Having Fun with Summer Fashion
'Freely Express Your Creative Side'
Written by the gorgeous celebrity stylist Anya Sarre

Summer is the perfect time for any woman to freely express her creative side.
Exploring bright colors, fun patterns and unique textures is what summer fashion is all about. You can go for that neon green t-shirt or try out an empire dress and feel like a goddess. You have no restrictions in your choices for finding the perfect summer outfit.

Women can also empower themselves through summer fashion by finding the perfect looks without spending hundreds of dollars. Summer is a great time to change up the wardrobe at a low cost.

Photo: via Anya Sarre

The empire dress is perfect to wear out for a beach cocktail event or for a business dinner event on the beach. No matter what type of event you are going to this summer, an empire dress is an affordable way to dress up for a nice evening out.

With the empire dress, you can also accessorize in affordable ways.
Wearing an empire dress is like having a blank canvas that one can adorn with any color. Whether one wears a light green empire dress and violet jewelry or a hot pink empire dress with aqua jewelry, there is no wrong way to accessorize the empire dress.
Photo: via Oprah
2 x photos via Vanity & Insanity
You can also wear a variety of shoes with an these summer styles. You can let your mind run free in choosing whether you want to wear heels, gladiators, leather sandals or even a pair of flip flops with an empire dress. Depending on the event that you are going to, you can dress the empire dress up or down for the event. You can wear a pair of gorgeous heels if you want to create a more formal look, or you can wear a pair of flip-flops if you are just heading to the beach for the day.  

Woa wow wow leave me where i'm having fun!
Thats lying in the morning sun
And tell me when the day is done, 
Coz i'm a lion in the morning sun 
Lyrics: Will And The People - Lion In The Morning Sun

6x Free People September 2012 Lookbook 
Model (the lovely) Camille Rowe

You can create any look that you want this summer. You have the power to become a goddess for the evening or transform yourself into any other fantasy that fits your vision!
-Anya Sarre

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