Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LAWS & SHiRtS - Catwalk Junkie

Don't really want to judje, I don't know all the rules in 'copyright land' but here we have a litlle thing..
A year ago Zara fashion used photos for thier shirts some Blogger had made.. And this ended up in a claim, the Blogger had won. Bloggers are working their ass off finding and making good chilly stuff, so don't just steal our photos! Of course it must have been flattering for this girl...

But here I show you the original photos Catwalk Junkie (a Dutch really cool brand) uses on their shirts.. And I'm wondering, how do those rules work in case to copyrights...?? Do you think Chanel & Billabong has sold their photos/the rights? Or is this just a tricky game?

Anyway, must have said, I like those shirts, and I Have the Chanel one myself.. (That's where I started thinking.) They look cool, and fresh and make me wanna act loose and enjoy summer...
Originally from Billabong
Photo from the internet..source unknown.. Fifth, last, photo on the left row..
Originally from Chanel

What do you think?

Bisou, Emilie

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