Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kristen Stewart photography collection

Kristen Stewart @ Vogue, the movie 'On the road' and more....
Actually I like her more in this sort of a fresh way, instead of the tough look she normally has.. And most of the people like I guess.. I Prefere clean hair! Sorry ;)But think she's beautiful and adore her attitude..
The notebook Doodles

She's just another ordinary girl,
But i want her more than anything in the world,
She dont need to glam it up
Shes priceless

She dont like to make a big scene,
She dont need to show it all, its all there underneath
Shes got all the cards
But she aint playing

Kristen,you make my heart miss one
Beat and now im broken up inside
Kristen,you make my heart miss one
Beat and now in trying to stay alive

Im trying to survive

Twilight is upon me
Its getting dark, i cant see,
Kristen wont you come with me
Lyrics: Gareth Rhodes - Just another ordinary girl

Trailer On The Road

Bisou, Emilie

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