Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank the Magazine! - Elle Norway June 2012

This Style is soo what I like. Adore! I know Elle has her beautiful fashion editorials all around the world. But thank you Elle for publishing this. Fresh, Loose, Fun. I actually think it's perfectly the 'Hola Bola Babes Style', the name I made up once...the style you will find on my blog. Hope I'm allowed to say that about Elle!
Thank the magazine...
Bisou, Emilie

For the desired effect
Would you come back August or June, June
And I hate that tomorrow's too soon
But this collision, came mid bloom

Better built to resume
I'll see you August, see you June
I'm building higher than I can see
I want fantasy

Don't rest with the less
I'm burning to impress
It's deep in the middle of me
I can be fantasy
The XX - Fantasy

Elle June Norway 2012
Model: Elsa Hosk

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