Friday, May 25, 2012

Hola Bola Babes - Style

I really have to make a description for you about the deeper inner Hola Bola Babes meaning. Which girl is, and which one's not?
But, I hope you'll understand me by just giving you these images... Beautiful Girls! Hola Bola Babes...
Bisou, Emilie

 Alexandra Spencer
We Dance in the rain
 Anais Pouliot
 Anais Pouliot
 Jennifer Grace
Be Creative
 Kimberly Gordon
 Wildfox Model
 Britt Ekland

 Claudia Cardinale
 Magdalena Frackowiak

Blake Wright
 Lara Stone
 Accessories: Mr Kate
Accessories: Mr Kate

Love this one! Let's make plans...
Unknown.. Sorry..
 Naomi Preizler
 Rosie. Love Love her jeans..
Aline Weber

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