Sunday, March 18, 2012

Artist Pippa McManus

Don't you think these images are crazy beautiful?
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Pippa is a Fashion Illustrator working in Design & Creative based in Australia (Perth).

By Pippa McManus

Pippa McManus has loved art and fashion for as long as she can remember. So when she couldn’t decide between them, she decided to make a career of both. 

“I’ve been drawing since forever and I was fashion mad as a child. My father was an engraver, but it’s all done by machines now and I’m sad I never got to learn it from him. My mother is a craft artist and taught me how to draw when I was really young. She always took me to fashion parades such as Myer when I was little, so I don’t know if it’s talent or just practice that has given me this career.

I loved magazines and used to collect them when we went overseas. If it was more portable, my magazine collection would be the first thing I’d save in a fire.
I grew up in Perth and after high school I went to the West Australian School of Art and Design and studied fine arts, then fashion design. But I discovered pretty quickly I didn’t want to be a fashion designer; it’s too businessy and there are restrictions on how much design you actually get to do.

I’d describe myself more as a fashion illustrator than anything else because I’m more commercial. If you’re an artist you need a lot of belief in yourself to make it work. If I did my own thing all the time, I’d get carried away! I try to keep things whimsical, with a mix of imagination and what’s in front of me - if I like a certain style or a certain hairstyle, I might change it a bit. Somehow it all seems to work!

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