Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Secret

A bunch of girls. Models? Friends? I keep on wondering how Urban Outfitters has got this group together..
Totally camping grown up proof.. At the moment of magic hour. The most sensitive moment in light of the day..
I must admit this story of photos also gives a little scared feeling somewhere inside my stomach. The way the girls are connected to each other looks like they have a lot secrets to share. The secrets you don't want to live with for too long before it creates insanity.. But absolutely beautifully done. 
Njoy xx Emilie
'Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.'
'The director must not be disturbed.'
'Our methods are very exacting.'

Movie: The Hole (2001) 
Some secrets can get out of hand..
Really frightening movie about a group teenagers.
xx Emilie
Urban Outfitters Lookbook
Rookie Roadtrip: Strawberry Fields

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