Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm like a bird

When I'm looking for new images for my blog that worthwhile my attention the new content is mixing up in my head. And create new stories. The first editorial is from 'how to spend it' from the financial times. The second one is from one of my favourite photographers Nirrimi. The first one is really clear about having the message of telling about ballet (in a different way). The second one is my own vision on ballet. In a more natural way. But I do see a swan too. And I do see a lake. Only this time the bathtube is the lake. I like to make the first story of ballet a little bit more natural. Although I think the way they set up the creative arty styling is really amazing and unique.
I hope you njoy. Wich one is your favourite?
xx Emilie 
Shot by Andrew Yee
It is the night.
My body's weak.
I'm on the run.
No time for sleep.
I've got to ride.
Ride like the wind.
To be free again.
Christopher Cross - Ride like the wind

Which one did you like the most?
xx Emilie

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