Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bathing suits and French fries

An High School Story 

What was the Best Moment of Your First Day? 

Well, I found my Young Adult Lit class pretty fast and it was a pretty good class. So far I like it. And I was pretty unhappy that I didn't have friends in many/any of my classes but I went to Science and my friend was like "are you going to science right now?" "yes" "YOU'RE IN MY CLASS!!!" and I had a few other friends, too, so I was pretty stoked. And on my second day (we have 7 classes and only 5 periods for them to be in so 2 are on the next day, it's pretty weird) I had World History first and there were a bunch of people I knew and a few that I liked/was friends with so that definitely helped. Don't worry if you don't make friends the first couple of days! It was my 3rd day today and I made a new friend today... Once you've been to all your classes and settled in a bit it'll be a lot less stressful to try and make friends!

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