Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camping Grown Ups - The Video

Take a look back @ my favourite Camping Grown Ups!

'Camping Grown ups' is a name I've made up for photo's who remind me of my own summertimes at French Campings (Carpentras, Genolac, Cassis etc..) with French friends named like Clemond, Laurent, Marion & Aurelie. But now we are not ten or fifteen years old anymore. We've grown up. So no pics of children running around, but older, beautiful, feminine, strong,'nager au piscine', passionne,

Camping Grown Ups 
je t'aime! 
 Bisou, Emilie

I've made this video myself... Hope it will last on youtube with all these copyrights.. I did not make any of those pics... 

But please njoy, as long as it will be :)

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