Monday, January 9, 2012

Camping Grown Ups

We grew up on french campings, but if we would still hang out (in Carpentras, Génolhac & Cassis) it lookes like this! Njoy your time.
Music for you ipod during Trips!

Girls of Summer.
Aurelie, Marion, Emilie, Francoise..... Do you remember Francoise @ movie The Beach? Soon more attention for The Beach...magic.
Camping a la Ferme!


Listening in the Volvo, Saab & VW.
Bruce Springsteen (I'm on Fire) , Frank Boeijen (Ga die wereld uit), Simon & Garfunkel (The Boxer).
Raindrops on my skin @ Summer.
Also the snakes are Pretty Pretty now.
Remembering the Viperlo snake@France.

Margaux Lonnberg Young #campingstyle

Goin' back to my real life
HOLA BOLA BABES Bday (bab)Emilie

Soft, Shiny, way too Hot!

Coming back from getting Baguette, Pain Chocolat & visiting the Super U.

Abolutely @the top the list of good Meeting Points. It's getting cold outside..
Yes we are grown ups now, but we love the ambiances here.
J'adore Wildfox!!

Getting away! Dreaming. Feeling.

Take a deep breath, relax & listen. Or try this before sleeping.

By Photography Duo Tom Betterton and Jenny Gage.

Model: Lesly Masson x 3
by Lina Scheynius

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